We first met back in 2004. At the time, Amy was a freshman at BU and Frank was on track to begin at MIT. Despite going to different schools, we happened to cross paths when we both volunteered to serve in the same community service program mentoring inner city kids. We became quick friends, and about a year later started dating — and the rest is history.

Since then, we've been on our exciting journey together as a couple for more than seven years. Beginning as young college kids and growing all the way through professional working life, the two of us have truly experienced a lot together. Along the way, we have grown to be a part of each other's families, and have established a strong foundation together within our church community at BCEC. We both feel blessed to have each other in such a committed and loving relationship — which is why on our special sixth year anniversary date, I had a little surprise for her...

Amy put together a great video walking through the proposal.
Turn up the volume and hit the play button below :)